Trench Coats and Minis: the Couple that Should Never Break Up 

Okay we all know what it’s like to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and we allll have those days where your barista did not understand that when you said “almond milk”, you meant the almond stuff…not the cow stuff. But you guys, I didn’t even wake up on the wrong side of the bed today. I just woke up on the WRONG day! Well, to me it was the wrong day. I totally thought today was Friday and I couldn’t have been more excited for a nice relaxing weekend after being sooo exhausted from doing a whole lotta nothing on the two snowdays we had. But still. Sleeping in is the best you guys and I was pumped for a good Saturday morning sleep-in sesh. To my dismay, my teaching assistant corrected me and let me know that today is actually Thursday and not freaky Friday.

To brighten up my now ruined non-Friday, I shared a picture on instagram on a look I put together a few weeks ago when the days were feeling a little less like Thursday and freezing and a little more like Friday and beachy. Okay, not beachy per say but in New York when it hits any kinda 70’s mid February you’re tempted to lay out. Instead of throwing on my bikini though, I threw on a burgundy a-line leather mini and my brand new winter white trench.  Both short, both perf for the “beachy” weather. When I actually stepped outside and realized I was still in New York and not in Playa Del Carmen, I threw some gray over the knee boots with tie around fringe. You guys, this is such a fun way to incorporate a mini during the still lingering cooler days. And the prices are going to make you guys freak!  I’ll list the prices below and where you can find everything (I’ll list some dupes if I can’t find the exact item).

Try spicin up your Thursday by throwing on a Friday mini and trench…the best relationship I’ve seen yet! Have a great Thursday guys!

-Allie xxo

My Outfit From Head to Toe:


Via Spiga White Trench

(I got mine for less than $80 at TJ Maxx, but I found a dupe from Nordstrom Rack.)


Ralph Lauren Polo Boys White Tee



 Burgundy Leather Mini

(The one I’m wearing is from last season’s Zara winter collection, but I found you guys a dupe for less than $10 on eBay!)


Lust For Life Over the Knee Fringe Boots
(I found my gray pair that I’m wearing at Burlington Coat Factory, but I found the    same brand in black linked above.)

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