My Unicorn  


Stripes, bright colors, block colors, beautiful prints.  It’s pretty easy to distinguish a Missoni piece from a crowd.  This look that I did is inspired from Missoni, and the price tag is not going to make you and your wallet cry droplets of beautiful bright colored tears.  I found this particular top at BURLINGTON….yes, you heard that right.  Burlington Coat Factory.  Obviously it is not a Missoni piece, but it just screams the Spring/Summer 2017 collection to me, and so I had to pick it up.  The price tag will make you want to buy it, and buy a couple back ups.  Don’t be afraid to use couture as inspiration for every day wear!  This top is my unicorn piece that I never ever want to part with.  Link for it is down below.  Let me know what you guys think of it!

-Allie xxo


Missoni Inspired Top




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