to floral or not to floral?



I will be the first to admit that I am not a floral person.  At least, I never was.  Well, maybe when I was about two and my mom decided that big flowers on a onesie was not only stylish–but was a requirement for family pictures.  Other than that, I always walked right on past all floral clothing pieces whenever I went shopping.  To me, it either looked too young (think: my two year old floral onesie ensemble) or, too old (think: my 90 year old great-grandma’s night gown…she rocked it well though…love you grandma).

A big trend this spring/summer is–you guessed it–floral prints.  I’ve seen these prints everywhere!  What I realized though, is that some floral prints I can actually see myself in.  Not only see myself in, but have actually bought and given a home within my closet.  I moved past my two year old floral fashion trauma and actually gave floral a try.  No one is more surprised than I am that I actually liked some pieces!

Step out of your comfort zone!  While I’m not a botanist queen, I will say that I do dabble in some floral now and again.  Lucky for me, its a big one on the trend list this season.

Are there any fashion trends that you were ever wary of trying out?

-Allie xxo


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