carrie bradshaw: fashion icon


I don’t think there is any show that has the best quotes, one liners, or perfect life depiction quite like Sex and the City.  In fact, I have been on a serious binge watch of it starting from Season one, and it just does not seem to get old…even though I’ve pretty much seen each episode about fifty times in my twenty-five years of life.  Carrie’s love for clothes, her column, and her close circle inspires me.  And when it comes to fashion, even her “off-duty” looks are dupe worthy.  I mean, can we just talk about the scene when she goes to “walk Aiden’s dog” (convince Big to stop calling her at home for a booty-call while her boyfriend is in the same room as her) in a white see-through top, red high-waisted deadstock vintage basketball shorts, and a pair of Manolo Blahniks?  Athleisure perfection.  Miss. Carrie Bradshaw was beyond her time.  In fact, I consider all this “binge watching” I’ve been doing to be very critical research.  My best outfit inspo has come from watching my favorite episodes of Sex and the City.  I blame Carrie for my new found obsession of the multi-faceted Fendi Baguette, aka the Sex and the City “it” bag.

Thank you Carrie, for keeping me sane in knowing that I’m not the only one who “likes my money where I can see it–hanging in my closet.”

-Allie xxo


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9350605_fpx.tif          00269428-05          Balenciaga-Sorbet-City-Bag-2010   shopping




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