the ultimate shopping app: meraya


Let’s just start with the truest fact known to man: I love shopping.  I mean I REALLY love shopping.  Once I get in the zone, there is no stopping me.  I will go full force and bee-line from the racks, to the dressing room, to the cash register.  However, as much as I adore my shopping (cardio), there are some days when I just want to stay in my loungewear (pi’s) and not leave the house.  The dilemma?  I still want to be able to shop.  While I’m all about trying new trends, full blown pi’s (I’m talking oversized sweats and probably an old boyfriend’s hoodie) haven’t quite made the trend list this season.  What’s a girl to do?  Well, that’s where the Meraya app comes in.

Meraya is an app where you can try on all sorts of accessories like necklaces, ties, sunglasses, bow ties, and hats, all on your phone.  It uses snapchat-like filters where you can see what an accessory will look like on you before you purchase anything.  It’s great because you are able to visualize if a necklace or pair sunnies will work with your face or not before whipping out your credit card.

I think this app is such a great and unique tool, and it’s something I haven’t seen before.  I ordered two necklaces, and let me tell you, it was hard to pick only two!  I loved pretty much all of them.  I received my pieces, and they were beautiful…both on the app and in person!  You can download the app for free and get started on trying on some fun accessories.

I also have a promo code for you!

Use my code: allie@meraya if you want an extra $10 off your purchase!

Download the Meraya App here.

Have fun modeling your looks, and let me know what you think!


-Allie xxo


Thank you to Meraya for sponsoring this post

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