I’m a twenty-something year old giving in to my passion.  As someone who majored in Psychology, minored in Dance, and is now teaching little ones, you could say I’m a little all over the place.  Fashion, however, has always been a part of my life.  I admire bloggers and instagramers who pour their fashion ideals all over their pages, creatively and uniquely coming up with outfits and full blown looks.  I admired from afar for quite some time, and I am now enjoying being right in the midst of it, jumping in full force, with my Yorkie baby Bailey along for the ride, of course! Creativity has always been important to me, and what better way to show your creativity than using your own body as a canvas?  I love finding a good look, without having to spend a good arm and a good leg for it.  Pairing expensive items with inexpensive ones is my favorite trick to get a fabulous look.  I love combining classic, trendy, and everything that falls in between.  I hate to categorize and box myself into one particular style, so it’s safe to say that I love to dabble in anything and everything I find esthetically pleasing.  I love to draw inspiration from magazines, instagram, and other bloggers alike and I hope that you too can draw inspiration from my creative outlet for all things fashion, lifestyle, and all the life stories that come with it!

-Allie xxo