“Missing In Action” pretty much describes me lately.  This Summer I have really been trying to focus on myself and spend lots of time decompressing with the people closest to me.  One thing that I have taken on during my disappearance act this summer is meditation.  Yes, you read that right.  Meditation.  If you would’ve mentioned meditating daily to me even two months ago, I would’ve had a minor internal anxiety attack.  Just the thought of sitting still without a single thought in my mind other than my breathing for minutes on end used to send me into a panic.  Mediating did not sound relaxing, it sounded like torture.  So how on earth did I start with this mediating situation? Well, it started on my 25th birthday, when I started attending Bikram Yoga and Pilates classes.  One might know what Bikram Yoga is, I of course, did not.  Apparently it includes 108 degrees of heat and some obscene percentage of humidity…all while attempting yoga poses.  After the first few classes and actually being able to choose mind over matter, I decided if I can get through this torture (which I actually really adore now…I know…I’m nuts), then I can surely get through a couple minutes of silence.  Somehow the yoga inspired me to meditate.  I guess when you start doing things that are beneficial to your health, it leads to wanting to do other beneficial things?  Weird, I know.  Anyway, mediating has been life changing.  It really is all it’s cracked up to be.  Your thoughts become things, so it is very important to be able to change your thoughts to positive ones.  I know it’s more than difficult to be positive on some days when it is so much easier to just give way to the negative, but let me be your inspiration.  If I can do it, anyone can!  It has helped me to be much more positive and grateful, which in turns helps attract positivity into my life.  I use guided meditation videos online that range from about ten minutes to hours at a time (longest meditation video I’ve done is 40 minutes, and I fell asleep…baby steps people).  Please try it! I promise it will be ten minutes you won’t regret.  It’s so hard to take a few minutes of calmness for yourself in the busy lives we all live, but I promise it will be worth it.

Don’t hate, meditate.  (Did I just say that?)

-Allie xxo

quarter life crisis


Let me just start by saying I am so grateful to have lived another loving, happy, and healthy year.  So many things have changed by either starting or ending this past year, but I do like to believe that everything is happening as it is supposed to.  I have to say though, ever since I was a little girl, I had a picture in my mind about how things would be during certain landmark birthdays throughout my life.  Sixteen would sweet, fresh, and fun.  An exciting start to the ending years of high school.  A time where I would have a later curfew time, a fresh new driver’s permit, and the promise of college not so far away.  Eighteen was adulthood–at least legally.  Going away for college and starting my life away from the home and comfort I had grown so accustomed to.  Twenty-one was really adulthood–at least in vodka soda language.  But twenty-five.  Twenty-five is no longer early twenties.  It’s no longer “just graduated college (even though I only did last year…when you switch colleges, it takes you longer for that Bachelors…that’s a story for another blog post).  It’s no longer “I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life.”  I always thought that at twenty-five, I would have my life figured out, career set and started, and either be engaged or married.  My life right now could not be farther from that.  My life is definitely not “figured out” (is anyone’s really?).  My career is not set or started (I love teaching little ones, but is going back to school and committing to another 2-3 years for my Master’s degree what I really want and what I was destined to do for the rest of my life?).  And I am absolutely not engaged, or married, or anything even remotely close to that.  I still wonder daily what I want to do for the rest of my life.  And I still wonder if I’m falling behind in my imaginary schedule of what I had planned as a little girl.  I’m not sure if this is something that every fresh twenty-five year old experiences.  But when I start feeling way too overwhelmed with all of these major life questions, that little “everything is happening as it is supposed to” quote pops in my head.  I’m twenty-five and probably going through that “quarter life crisis” everyone talks about, but when I think back to sixteen, or eighteen, or even twenty-one, I remember asking myself those same questions: “Am I where a ___ year old is supposed to be right now?”  “Am I falling behind people my age?”

I have been one to always question, but I need to take it one day at a time. Experiences I am living now in this very moment are preparing me for what is to come.  The only thing I can do is relax, follow my intuition, and have fun along the ride.  Everything is happening as it is supposed to.

-Allie xxo

Here are some of my 25th birthday moments from this past weekend!








Monday Blues? 

Okay, I’ll admit.  I am not a “Sunday Funday” type of girl.  At least I wasn’t for a long time.  I’m one of those people who can get super sad around Sunday night. A new week is going to start and my relaxing weekend is going to be long gone.  How can I enjoy Sunday, knowing the extensive knowledge that I do?? (The extensive knowledge that Monday comes after Sunday, people!! Who can “Sunday Funday” knowing Monday will be occurring in just a few hours???) Sunday sadness then turns into a case of Monday blues, and I just don’t feel as happy or excited as I am come Friday. This, I learned, is not a good way to live. We shouldn’t waste our lives away waiting for Summers, waiting for vacations, waiting for  parties, or waiting for Friday’s.  All that time spent waiting is time wasted. That time could be spent enjoying the moment we are in. Nothing beats the exciting Friday feeling…I know. But here are eight tips to spice up your weekdays–dreaded Mondays included–and add some excitement back to your everyday routines!

Tip 1: Compliment! Try throwing a few compliments around to people you wouldn’t normally compliment.  (You’re mom doesn’t count…try a coworker you don’t talk to often!) A compliment will make others feel good, and will in turn, make YOU feel good too.

Tip 2: Take a different way to work (or wherever).  Everyone has their route down pact.  Same route to the Starbucks.  Same route to work.  Try spicing it up a little bit!  Set your alarm a little earlier (I know, I know…blasphemy words), and try out a new coffee place instead.  Or, try taking the backroads to your job.  Throw in a new song in that drive, and you’ve already added some excitement to your day, all before ten o’clock!

Tip 3: Change up your room!  Your bedroom can get a little boring if you never add some new decor or move your bed around a little.  Try and see what kind of energy you’ll get by moving your bed to the other side of the room, and adding some candles or shelves to show off all those pumps hiding in your basement (just me?).  I changed up my room you guys, and I felt all sorts of excitement for a few weeks.  Changing up your place of rest can make you feel like you’re in a new environment.  Try it!

Tip 4: Talk to people you don’t know!  I’m a shy person, so I get it if you don’t want to run up next to that jogger and start a convo in between strides.  I understand.  But try talking to the barista making your coffee in the morning instead of just giving her your order.  Try sparking up conversation with people in your passing life that you normally wouldn’t chat with.  Happy endorphins all around!

Tip 5: Don’t wait for a call, reach out and give a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while a call and catch up!  Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in everyday stresses and issues.  Life’s drama.  It happens to you, and it can happen to your friends as well.  Don’t be afraid to be the first to call them up…I’m sure they will be excited to fill you in on all you’ve missed.

Tip 6: Get lunch with a coworker.  I know the feeling.  Wanting to not small talk, and just relax with yourself as you power down that pastrami sandwich with balsamic vinegar and scroll instagram viciously (just me?)  But it is important to socialize, and there’s no better time than during work! (Kidding.)  But really, having a nice meal with a coworker will raise both of your moods I’m sure, and have you feeling better to tackle the work waiting for you after your lunch break.

Tip 7: Don’t be worried or concerned about what other people think about you! Wear a bold outfit you might only reserve for day trips to the city. Style your hair differently. Do what YOU want to do, and it will empower you to make each day.. not just Fridays or Saturdays.. exciting and feel fresh and fun.  When you feel fresh and fun, your life will gravitate that energy into your every day life.

Tip 8: Get a puppy! Okay, this may not be feasible for everyone, but it’s pretty much what I did! My little teacup Yorkie baby, Bailey, has added so much excitement into every single minute of my life. From the unexpected accidents in my purse, (ya never know what you’ll find after she’s been in there), to the excitement of holidays that stopped being exciting after the age of 10. She has brought me back to life and has me seeing life through her little puppy dog eyes.

All in all, it doesn’t take much to add a little excitement into every day, mundane life. Accept an invitation to lunch on a weekday, or be the invitee. Call a friend and chat for hours like you used to in high school. Be yourself and don’t care what others think. Enjoy life! Time flies way too fast to waste it by wishing your Monday was a Friday!!

Happy Monday, friends!

-Allie xxo